Technical Artist


As a Technical Artist at Pixelmatic, you will be the bridge between our talented art team and the technical team. Your main responsibilities will be being in charge of the art pipeline into our Unity projects, bringing the best art quality in Unity to bring our games to life. You should be familiar with Unity, 3ds Max, Photoshop, shaders and eager to learn how to use new software and techniques. You have a great eye for detail and know how to optimize the art pipeline to get the best in-game performance with the best quality.


  • Assist in defining the overall art style of our games.
  • Lead the art pipeline from the 3D modeling software to Unity.
  • Build tools for the integration and the automation of our art assets into Unity.
  • Support the art team to define tools and shaders to bring concepts to life.
  • Work with the technical team to get the best performance out of the art assets, VFX, and animations.


  • 1+ year of game development or graphic design experience.
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent in art or engineering.
  • Able to modify work based on feedback from fellow artists, engineers, and producers.
  • Able to work within established art styles and follow art direction.
  • Assist with the art direction of outsourced assets as needed.
  • Expert level knowledge of 3DS Max, Unity, shaders (nodal-based or Cg/HLSL) and Photoshop.
  • Experiences with Substance Painter, Quixel Suite, Marmoset, Krakatoa, FumeFX, is a strong plus.
  • Experience with scripting (Mel, Maxscript or Unity) is a strong plus.
  • Must have an upbeat, positive attitude, and enjoy working as part of a team.
  • Strong fundamental skills in the use of line, light, shadow, color, and perspective.
  • Always learning and able to quickly adapt to new situations and challenges.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese is a strong plus.
  • Extremely well organized, detail-oriented, and manages time efficiently.
  • Results driven, accountable, and able to accept feedback and criticism professionally.