Pixelmatic and Discus Bring Romance Story Game Water Margin Love Star to Greater China
Februar 12, 2015
Pixelmatic and Discus Bring Romance Story Game Water Margin Love Star to Greater China

Pixelmatic and Discus today announced the launch of Water Margin Love Star in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau for iOS and Android. Water Margin Love Star is a very popular title in Japan with hundreds of thousands of players. This will be the first third party game published by Pixelmatic, who are currently ramping up their publishing division to bring more exciting content to the Chinese market.

Water Margin Love Star is a romance story game that is based on the famous Chinese novel “Water Margin.” In Water Margin Love Star, players will take on the role of a lovely girl from the present that is magically transported to ancient China where they meet with legendary characters from “Mount Liang.” Players can fall in love with one of the three heroes and meet challenges and difficulties while undertaking missions. Players will also be able to compete with rivals and friends. Pixelmatic and Discus will continue to update the game with new characters and content.

“We’re very proud to partner with Discus so we can finally bring this great title to Chinese-speaking markets together,” said Samson Mow, Founder & CEO of Pixelmatic. “The story crafted by Discus is a truly unique take on the Water Margin universe that will be sure to entertain and captivate players.”

“We want to ensure that players across the world can enjoy our games, and we’re confident Pixelmatic will help us bring our unique game experience to new fans in Chinese markets,” said Yoshito Ogihara, Founder & CEO of Discus. “We still have a great deal more content to release and are very excited to share this game with players.”

Key features of Water Margin Love Star include:

  • Original Stories: The stories in Water Margin Love Star are based on “Water Margin,” and players can enjoy romantic relationships with heroes and establish friendships with characters from “Mount Liang.”
  • Avatars: Players can dress up their own avatars along with other characters in the game.
  • Prizes: Players are awarded with many free prizes each day and can earn additional prizes.
  • Missions: Players will be challenged with Avatar missions and Elegance missions.

Water Margin Love Star is available today from the App Store and Google Play. Fans can also follow the latest Water Margin Love Star news on the Facebook and Weibo fan pages.

About Pixelmatic

Pixelmatic creates amazing social mobile games and its mission is to spark the imaginations of people everywhere through games. Founded by game industry veterans from Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Relic, Pixelmatic’s focus is on creating engaging games that are truly social and encourage new connections to be made. Pixelmatic is a privately held corporation with offices in Shanghai and Vancouver. More information about Pixelmatic and its games can be found at www.pixelmatic.com.

About Discus

Discus is a company based in Tokyo, Japan. Discus’s business scope is massive as they are involved in planning and creating stories for apps and CDs, operating apps and so on. More information about Discus and their products and services can be found at www.discus.jp.

About Water Margin Love Star

Water Margin Love Star is a romance story game developed by Discus that uniquely combines engaging stories with avatar customization and mission challenges. In Water Margin Love Star, players are magically transported to ancient China where the Water Margin novel takes place. They will meet the legendary characters of “Mount Liang” and engage with them in a fantastic romance story. Also, players can completely customize their avatars and those of characters in the game according to their creativity and imagination. Published by Pixelmatic, Water Margin Love Star is currently available in Greater China on iOS and Android devices. More information about Water Margin Love Star can be found on Facebook (facebook.com/watermargingame) and Weibo (weibo.com/watermargingame).