Nat Mak

Nat Mak, CPA, CGA


Nat Mak is the CFO for Pixelmatic and also manages human resources, administration, and operations. Previously, Nat was a senior accountant at Relic Entertainment, one of the premier PC RTS studios in North America. At Relic, Nat oversaw multimillion dollar budgets, corporate finances, and payroll for the entire studio. His multiple working credits include “Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts”, “Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor”, “Dawn of War: Soulstorm”, “Dawn of War 2″, “Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising”, “Dawn of War 2: Retribution”, and “Warhammer: Spacemarine” (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC). Before joining Relic, Nat was the Treasury Accountant for Vancouver Coastal Health, where he was in charge of maintaining the funds of the healthcare budget for the largest health authority in the province.

Nat currently hold a CPA, CGA designation in Canada and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia. As an avid gamer and adventure seeker, he moved to Shanghai to join Pixelmatic and accelerate their entry into the exciting social mobile space in Asia.